Good morning once again.

Well we’ve had heat, snow and drought since I last signed in, well its Britain!

I have been trying to increase the profile of Walking With Sheep, look at this link on Visit Wales

The birds are very busy now, I have got a blackbird in garden who wants to make a nest in winter jasmine bush just outside the door.  She did this a couple of years ago and we watched her hatch and then exhaust herself feeding the chicks only to come down one morning  to see feathers strewn about the grass and no sign of any chicks.  I am convinced it was the magpies raiding the nest. We here them on the roof early mornings.  Anyway, am not going to let her next there again as its way to vulnerable a position. (not to mention inconvenient, as we couldn’t use that door for weeks in case we scared her off.)  I keep taking out the moss etc she brings in, not seen her there for couple of days so think she taken the hint.

Walking with Sheep Walks

These are carpeting the woodland routes at the moment

Never far from the woollybacks on our walks.

Never far from the woollybacks on our walks.

One of the many delights of Walking With Sheep walks is the getting up close with nature of this lovely area.  A great chance to do some bird spotting in some varied areas, woods, hills, pasture, moorland, waterside – its so varied.

Here’s a few random pictures. Going on a photography next month so expect a vast improvement in technique!


Good morning,  feeling a little tired today.  Went up to Blackpool area yesterday to see a friend and just not used to driving that far.  Anyway, journey was good, had a lovely time with friend and now must get back to work.  Another glorious day here in the gorgeous llanarmon (as it is throughout country I hear).  Have planted some seeds in the greenhouse which I am having to go out and cover with newspaper every night as having some frost at night.  I WILL forget one night.  Mostly salad.  You never know might get a few survive and an early crop.  Went over to Llangollen the other day, checking out my routes, accommodation etcetera.  It is just stunning over there-such a lovely end to the journey that is Walking With Sheep. A lovely bustling little town and check out the fudge in little shop on the bridge – oh to die for, just melts away in your mouth.  Couldn’t stop eating it till finished the block then felt a little bit sick. The Fudge Factory, Llangollen.  No website for that.

Right off to cut grass now.  Will get some photies of the lambs as soon as am able and put them up here VERY SOON

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